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Since our firm was founded, our California Labor Law Attorneys have recovered millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts related to wrongful terminationunpaid overtime,unlawful retaliation, and other CA labor board claims.  Our dedicated and experienced attorneys are here to protect your rights and make sure your voice is heard.

Our Recent Case Results Include:

Case Type


Wrongful Termination $680,000.00
Unpaid Overtime $208,000.00
Disability Discrimination $102,000.00
Unpaid Overtime $148,000.00
Age Discrimination $195,000.00
Unpaid Overtime $185,000.00
Unpaid Overtime $50,000.00
Unpaid Overtime $94,000.00
Disability Discrimination $72,000.00
Retaliation $98,000.00
Retaliation/Unpaid Overtime $113,000.00
Unpaid Wages/Bonus $125,000.00
Wrongful Termination $132,000.00
Wrongful Termination $57,000.00
Wrongful Termination $53,500.00
Wrongful Termination $51,600.00
Wrongful Termination $66,000.00
Business Dispute $56,000.00
Unpaid Overtime $42,000.00
Unpaid Overtime $58,000.00

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If you have experienced wrongful termination, employment discrimination, or other violations of labor laws, contact our labor law attorneys for a free employment law consultation today.  Every case we handle is done on a contingency fee basis, meaning we do not charge you any fees unless your recover on your claim.