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Our firm represents clients in employment law matters throughout California

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Cunningham Law Was a Huge Help

While my case want exactly the type of law they practice they took the time to give me great advice and the attorney even called me back the next business day and advised me on the type of attorney I needed and a rough idea as to what I should expect. Thanks again!

- Sam R-


He Literally Was My Light In The Dark!

I can’t say thank you enough! When I called I was feeling pretty confused and defeated and wasn’t sure how to approach the labor board with my specific situation. Not only did Mitch make me feel a lot better after talking to him, he actually delivered! He gave me all the info and direction I needed to get the ball rolling! He literally was my light in the dark! Thank You!

- Rhianna B-


Professional, Prompt, Fair and Transparent

Mike and his staff are amazing! Professional, prompt, fair and transparent – they embody what someone could hope for in a legal team. Legal matters are intimidating, but Mike breaks it down so it’s understandable. Hope I don’t need their services again, but I won’t hesitate to call them first if I do.

- Jeff B-


Super Effeciant

Make sure to talk to Mitch he is the best!! MITCH will get you started with anything you need done. Super effeciant !!! Hi Mitch your AWESOME!!!!

- Pamela Gia-


Cunningham Was Professional

Mr. Cunningham was professional and help my with my circumstances. His advice was strong and his guidance was exactly on target. If you have an issues it is worth talking to Mr. Cunningham and let him give you his professional opinion. I was/am satisfied with the outcome and his services. I would recommend him to anyone.

- Jacob Billington-


A Friend and Fighter

ichael Cunningham is a very good and out standing,awnest and caring lawer Michael puts his clients before him self he will do what ever it takes to get things right for his cliets. He puts in long hours on his cases to prepair the documents for his clients,if you do not under stand what is going on he will do what ever it takes so you feel comforitable.Mike is ACES in my book. In his cases if it goes to meadeation or to court you can feel safe and secure with him he will fieght for your rights not lead you astray.Just remember when you get Michael Cunningham to represent you in a case you got a friend on your side.

- James-


Michael Cunningham

Michael Cunningham handled my case. Michael is efficient and professional, he’s extremely talented and puts everything he has into your case. He has the rare attributes of honesty and solid integrity. You can also relax because he’s very transparent and does everything he says he’s going to do with no hidden agendas. The staff at Cunningham Law are professional warm, and sincere, they try to expedite your needs without making you feel like a number. Based on my experience, Cunningham Law optimises professionalism with the rare attributes of honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness.

- Brian-


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